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By Joe Buscaglia
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Watkins practices, Bills mum on Sunday status

The Buffalo Bills viewed quite a welcomed sight on the practice field Monday. Rookie wide receiver Sammy Watkins was back on the practice field just five days removed from re-injuring his ribs in the team's preseason finale.

The Bills gave no indication after practice on just how much Watkins was able to do during practice, nor did they reveal his playing status for Sunday. When asked if he believed he would play, the first-round pick initially responded in the affirmative: "Of course."

Watkins had to leave the team's final exhibition contest against Detroit on Thursday after Lions linebacker Ashlee Palmer hit the wideout in the midsection with his forearm. He missed the game against Tampa Bay after the initial injury occurred against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The wideout was joined on the field by a few other players returning from injury. Guard Chris Williams, tight end Scott Chandler and cornerback Stephon Gilmore all were able to participate during positional drills Monday.

The Bills were only without tight end Lee Smith (toe) and linebacker Randell Johnson (ankle) during the session. Smith was not on the field in any capacity, but Johnson was at least able to work to the side with members of the training staff.

The team has shifted back into regular season mode and will resume getting Tuesdays off for practice starting this week. The Bills will return back to practice on Wednesday afternoon in preparation for the regular season opener against the Chicago Bears.

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**Photo courtesy of The Associated Press

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09/01/2014 3:35PM
Watkins practices, Bills mum on Sunday status
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09/01/2014 4:08PM
The Bills had better start Orton -if they dont want Sammy to get killed.
09/01/2014 8:59PM
EJ struggles Orton starts by week 3 EJ gets what he needed from the beginning to sit on the bench and watch a veteran for a year or 2 then start
09/01/2014 11:08PM
Let Sammy Sit Week 1
If EJ is starting Sammy isn't getting any good passes thrown at him and more than likely will get hurt again by the passes thrown behind, underneath and over the head of our star reciever. Wait until EJ gets benched or booed off the field and then bring in your weapon.
09/02/2014 1:35AM
Stop Crying
I can't stand to hear you people complain so much. Let the team play and give some support for your team. I wouldn't want to watch the team win or loose with you near me.....flakes
09/02/2014 4:21PM
Lets go Buffalo!
This organization has been in a desperate state of death throes for a VERY long time now…This year’s candidates for the 2014 campaign for the Lombardi are no different; a team of zombies would beat them un-mercilessly. Until a new owner appears, the die-hard bleeders of red, white and royal blue are in for yet another season of poor senior level management decision making, dismal performance, lack luster appeal and desire to watch. Hopes and dreams of a Lombardi to call One Bills Drive home are again laid to waste as they are tragically crushed on opening day as the reality of yet another dismal season are laid before them. In fact, it would be more entertaining on a Sunday afternoon to watch rust grow or cats fight then it would be to endure another miserable and humiliating performance of this “Storied history” franchise as the coveted and all-knowing front office spin machine likes to put it. I truly hope and pray that when the new owner arrives, there is a massive clearing house action of every coat tail riding senior level executive leadership and real true football minded leaders are brought in to turn this capsized vessel right side up! Once that happens, winning is just a matter of time! 46% life time career winning percentage is NOT winning, EVER!
09/03/2014 7:32AM
Lose not loose
09/03/2014 5:40PM
I planted those a month ago and used Miracle Gro. They're looking' good.
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