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By Joe Buscaglia
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Bills Scouts' Notebook, Ver. 3

Just two days ahead of the 2011 NFL Draft, a pair of scouts employed by the Buffalo Bills once again were made available to the media. Today, it was Rashaan Curry (West Coast and Houston area) and Tom Roth (Philadelphia to Atlanta and Ohio State).

Here's what they had to say about some of the prospects they were asked about:

Washington QB Jake Locker
Great athlete, great make-up. I'll tell you what, he's got all the physical tools you look for, and he's got a chance to come in this league and make an impact.

Do they have concerns over his accuracy?
You've got to be able to keep everything in perspective. This kid, he didn't grow up like a manufactured quarterback. This kid grew up in a Wing-T offense or some version of a run offense and he has basically developed himself, obviously with the help of his coaches, in to a good college quarterback. So it's my guess that he'll continue to make that ascension. - Rashaan Curry

North Carolina DE Robert Quinn
Physically he's a freak. He ran 4.60 at his pro day, did real well at the Combine. He's got all the measurables: height, weight, speed, length, burst. I mean everything. And he's a real good player on film, he's got pass rush ability. For us he'd be an outside linebacker that can set the edge, plays with a motor. It's all there. Yeah, I would have liked to have seen him this year, but, it is what it is.

How much do you weigh the fact that most of his sacks in 2009 came against weaker competition?
I watch, and most the scouts I would assume, watch best competition. He had some sacks in the film I saw, and the thing with him, he had a lot of pressures. So, pressures and sacks are good things. If he didn't have a motor, that's one thing. But he has a motor and he has all the physical tools. So I think he's going to be a very good pass-rusher in the league. He'll be good setting the edge against the run. But to your answer your question, just take that all in to consideration, and it's on the film that I saw. - Tom Roth

USC CB Shareece Wright
A lot of talent, he is probably an average size corner and a real aggressive mentality. That's what really sticks out when I think about Shareece. He doesn't mind tackling. He is of the more physical brand of corners as they go. What I'll say about him is that he doesn't have a clean year-to-year history, but certainly the body of work he has put together is an impressive one. When he has played, he has made an impact on games. - Rashaan Curry

Utah State CB Curtis Marsh
He's an interesting kid. He obviously has size. A mild-mannered young man so no issues. Coming from running back to quarterback, there is a bit of an adjustment so you look for just the inherent things that all football players have in understanding that there will be some developmental aspect to the kid. He is big, he ran fast, and I thought the more tape you watched on the guy, the better he got. There is an upside there. Obviously there is something to be learned there as well. - Rashaan Curry

Colorado CB Jalil Brown
You talk about a steady, contributor year-to-year, every year, this kid has been there, played every game and gotten better. He is a bigger, more physical corner in terms of the way he plays the game, and what you like about him is the mental makeup. You always talk about the mental makeup of these guys, and that always gives you an indication in to what type of player he'll be out there. All this kid has shown is steady progression and the body of work with him, again, I wouldn't say flawless, but it's pretty close. Because he, just like a lot of other college athletes, came in early, played a little bit and then play time built over the years. And then now we have a senior who has a ton of experience and who has played in a couple of different looks. I'll tell you what, he's going to have a real good chance in this league in terms of the things we look for and projecting him forward. - Rashaan Curry

North Carolina ILB Bruce Carter
Real instinctive. Physically, a freak just like Quinn and a lot of the North Carolina guys. He can fly. I remember him on film, I watched the Virginia Tech game, just chasing down Tyrod Taylor like it was nothing. Instinctive, tough, physical and he can fly. So it's good. For us, I can see him playing inside backer. He can play outside, but I see him more suited at inside. - Tom Roth

Fresno State OLB Christopher Carter
You talk about a high motor guy who plays the game hard, really competitive and even a better person off the field. He comes out of a great program at Fresno State where they manufacture all those tough guys, and guys who physically play the game the right way. In terms of his skill set, he is a good pass rusher. You like the speed he brings to the game and if you're projecting him forward he obviously will be a pass rusher in our league, but depending on the defense you play, he may play inside or out. Very good chance to play and have an impact on our league. - Rashaan Curry

North Carolina CB Kendric Burney
He's a real good player, instinctive player. I think he's more of a nickel guy, because he's got the short-area movement. He performed really well at the Senior Bowl. When he gets to our league, he'll be on coverage teams. But I do see him as a nickel guy, he's an aggressive kid, loves the game and good in run support, so he's got all those tools. - Tom Roth

North Carolina DT Marvin Austin
Just like I was saying earlier with Robert Quinn about missing a year, he did great in the post-season stuff. He was at the East-West Shrine Game, dominated there. Dominated the Combine and dominated his pro day. A very athletic football player. He is strong but I think he relies more on working the edges of guys instead of straight bull rushing. He's got a very good motor and he loves the game. The character stuff, you read about that stuff. It's not that bad when you talk to the coaching staff and everyone around the program about it. - Tom Roth

North Carolina ILB Quan Sturdivant
Quan, he's very instinctive. Carter's instinctive, but Quan may be a notch above that, and that's nothing against Bruce but that's the thing that jumped out with Quan. They're very similar in terms of -- you know when I went to practice, they're body type. I think they both measured in around 6'1", 240. I think one of them was 241. So you see them, they're similar guys. I think Bruce might be a little bit faster, Quan may be a little more instinctive. But they're both for our scheme inside guys. - Tom Roth

UCLA OLB Akeem Ayers
I think he can do both [inside or outside in a 3-4]. You talk about a versatile guy, and he did both there. We've actually seen it. There's concrete work where we can put our hands on tape of him doing both. He plays as a stand-up stack guy basically playing behind the line of scrimmage. But he's also played on the end of the line of scrimmage, so he does a few things there that are really intriguing for you. He's a younger guy, a junior having declared. I think though for us, you can really keep the consideration open. The more you can do at this level, the better your chances are, and this is a guy who I think does a lot. You'll play him as a rusher, he'll play outside over the tight end. He can play inside stacked so, really impressive kid. Very athletic, very explosive. - Rashaan Curry

Colorado OT Nate Solder
Concerned over his rather tall frame?
It would if he played straight legged, but this guy is a great athlete. His size is a little misleading that way in that you see a big, tall guy like that you don't expect that he can bend and play with low pads. But this guy can. So it gives him the advantage of his size, without the disadvantage of his lean.

Where does he fit best along the line?
Oh, I think he's a left tackle. They're so hard to find first of all. Secondly, when you find a guy that's that athletic, and bends like he does, you don't toy with him. I'm sure he could play right, but obviously this guy is a left tackle. He's going to be a pretty good one, too. - Rashaan Curry

Georgia OLB Justin Houston
When you look at him, that's the way they're supposed to look. He's 6-foot-3, 270 pounds, 35-inch arms. He's got bend, burst, speed. He's got very good pass rush ability. When we go in to nickel, he can put his hand down, and he's done it in the past.

Can he drop back in to coverage?
A couple times he did and he looked natural doing it. Actually one play, actually they gave up a touchdown but he didn't have help over the top. It wasn't his fault, but, just moving, and at the pro day and at the Combine he moves around a lot. He can do it. As long as you can rush the passer and set the edge, stop the run, those are the first two things. We'll be able to work with him in space. - Tom Roth

Oregon State DT Stephen Paea
His length probably suggests he plays nose tackle, but I would not limit him to that because he is a good athlete. This is a guy who runs fast, obviously we know his attempt to break the record for the bench press, which is a direct indication of how strong he is. I think he plays nose in a 3-4, I think for a 4-3 team, they're going to like him as a three-technique. But I also think he can play five-technique and be a weak-side guy who does some things for you with his quickness. Obviously in pass rush situations, that supersedes any system that he would play in. He can rush the passer for any team I would think. - Rashaan Curry

Clemson DT Jarvis Jenkins
Just a very good player, very good motor. Quick twitch, and hand violence. Those are the things that stood out with him. When he came to the Senior Bowl, we coached him and he did great there. He's going to be a good player, everything is good with him. - Tom Roth

NC State ILB Nate Irving
High motor guy, real instinctive. He'll freelance a little bit, but instinctive playmaker. He'll lay out, throw his body around. He loves the game, you see it on the film. Pretty good hand use. Could use a little bit more, but a good coverage linebacker. It's just the motor and instincts that are two best attributes for him. - Tom Roth

Cal DE Cam Jordan
Absolutely a five-technique. Good players fit any scheme, he'll find ways to make a play. But ideally he could play in a 3-4 scheme as a five-technique. The things that stand out -- he is a tremendous athlete, outstanding range, he's fast, explosive, quick, but he's also big too. He has the type of athletic traits that suggest elite. I just think he jumps off tape. He does a lot of good things. I have not one bad thing to say about Cam Jordan. - Rashaan Curry

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