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Nix wants QB of future in next draft

Last week Bills General Manager Buddy Nix told WGR he didn’t want to leave the job without a franchise quarterback for the future in place.  On Friday, Nix was much more specific about a time frame for that plan, the very next draft.

“Let me be as honest as I can." Nix said during his weekly segment on WGR. "I think we really need to address it this year. The thing we can't do is you can't create one. You can't go out thinking I've got to make this guy a player. If you do then you're going to be in a bigger mess. We don't want to do that. We try to guard against that. But we do need another one and we need to do it this time."

Nix said he has been out scouting some of the quarterbacks who will be available next April and is trying to see all of the top guys.  Nix declined to name specific players but added it’s the top 10-15 guys everyone is talking about.

The Bills G-M said there isn’t as much hype with the current group of quarterbacks as there was the last two years but he cautioned  that doesn’t mean there isn’t an “Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady” out there.

"If you got a (Andrew)  Luck, an RG3 (Robert Griffin III), a Cam (Newton), those were the buzz guys every year and it proved to be accurate on those guys. But I don't see one of those yet in this draft. That may develop later on, but there is a lot of good players in the draft, a lot of good quarterbacks."

As far as what he’s looking for when scouting q-b’s, Nix mentioned physical qualities like a strong arm,  and being mobile enough to get out of trouble but he said the two most important things are accuracy and anticipation. 

Nix went on to say the intangibles are the hard part to determine with leadership, smarts and being a team guy included in that group.

The only quarterback the Bills have drafted since Nix took over as General Manager was Levi Brown in the 7th round in 2010.

You can listen to the entire interview with Nix and hear what he had to say about whether or not the Bills are closing the gap between themselves and the Patriots:

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