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BULLDOG: Screen Play

They don't exactly make movies about stuff like this. Here's my interpretation of why, probably. Somewhere in Hollywood maybe, or more likely, Van Nuys, a meeting between a screen writer and a producer takes place ...

BULLDOG: Cold as _______

How's the winter treating you?  Cold enough for you? If you're anything like me those queries might make you want to punch the person asking in the throat.

BULLDOG: Get it to the garage

Get this season to the garage. Something has changed.  It feels like I can see the finish line to this Sabres season and  while I can't wait to get there, I no longer feel all that conflicted.

BULLDOG: Familiar Feeling

I try. Honestly, there may not be anything I work harder at.  Trying to avoid the fatalistic, here we go again, tragic comedy feeling that is a 14 year streak of non playoff football seasons.  

BULLDOG: Offense Stalls

San Diego is good and their quarterback, Philip Rivers, is excellent.  That is not exactly all you need to know about the Bills week three loss at home to the Chargers, but it is probably enough. 

BULLDOG: Twenty years ago

Twenty years ago today changed our relationship with athletes forever.  I don't have to be right about this but am pretty sure that I am.

Bulldog:East Side, West Side, Wheatfield, Batavia

Let me get this out if the way right up front.  I'm including Batavia and Wheatfield here mostly as a nod to the fact that both locations have been mentioned as possible locations for a new Bills stadium.  Here's the thing amount both of those spots.


Bulldog: Trying to get my head around head shots.

Trying To Get My Head Around Head Shots
What are we supposed to do with head shots in the NHL?  Assuming for starters you aren't in the "it's old time hockey/keep your head up/I thought you used to like tough hits/when did you become such a pansy?" camp.
We could ignore them, taking the position that if the NHL isn't going to take doling out punishment
Should the Bills take a QB in this year's draft?
  Yes. In fact, they should take one every year till they find a starter.
  No. With fewer picks this year, it isn't the right time.
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