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Bulldog:The Buffalo Bills are not about winning and losing today. They are not a

The Buffalo Bills are not about winning and losing today.  They are not about tax breaks, luxury boxes nor keeping up with the Jerry Joneses.
The Buffalo Bills are about becoming a fan.  They are about sharing an interest and long car rides on Sunday afternoons in October.
The Bills for me are largely about my dad.
He only ever took me to one game, a 16-13

Bulldog: Olympic Impressions

The following is not a detailed examination and is not meant to mock the Winter Olympics.  I love the Winter Olympics.  It is simply a sampling of the impressions I gathered after watching the first weekend of coverage from Sochi.

If you were with us for our Olympic Draft on Friday you may already know this.  There aren't that many events in the Winter

BULLDOG: Bills Keep Moving

In a perfect world the Bills would not have needed a new defensive coordinator.  Mike Pettine would have stayed with the Bills and the coaching staff would have continued to work together and maybe even help break a 14 season playoff drought someday soon.

Bulldog -Snow Day

The Blizzard of '14 is a thing.  As of late morning, not so much in my warm toasty North Buffalo home as it is in South Buffalo.  Oh it's cold and all sorts of stupid windy.  Like the house is shaking so much you can see ripples in the toilet water windy.  But not so much for the snow.
At least not yet.  It is the sort of cold and windy that demands

Bills season in review

Now that the 2013 Bills season has come to a close, read what Howard Simon thinks about how it all played out.

Bulldog - EJ's Day

EJ's Day
The final three games of the season really come down to one thing and one thing only.  How does EJ Manuel calm the masses?  Fans are looking for Manuel to give us some good reason to feel like the quarterback position is at least in good hands moving forward.  Heck, I was fond of saying that was what the entire season was about going back to July.  Coming

Discouraging day for Bills' Manuel

With the return of rookie quarterback EJ Manuel we can get back to trying to figure out if the Bills were wise to invest the 16th pick in him last April. Click here to read what Bulldog thought of Manuel on Sunday.


Bulldog: WELP?!

I don't really know what to say here.  Welp seems to be the sort of thing fans go with on Twitter when there's just not much more to be said. 

Time Warp

Hear that hissing sound?  That is the air leaking out of our community balloon.  There are plenty of different things that could frustrate a Bills fan over the years.

Picks No One Cares About

Mike Schopp and the Bulldog pick something. I think it's football games. I have no idea. I don't really listen to the segment. 

How Cool Was That?

What a drive.  What. A. Drive.

Aaaah, Football Season

You can count on it every year.  I don't think it matters who the coach is, who the quarterback is, or really even what team we're talking about in which part of the country.

Bulldog: A New Hope

It would be really great if EJ Manuel blew all of our minds Sunday afternoon.

The Wayward Whammy Weenie

It started off innocently enough.

Two Tickets to,,,Cleveland?

Not quite what Eddie Money had in mind is it?  For me and my oldest son though, Cleveland will be paradise on Saturday night.

Thanks and Goodbye

Thomas Vanek and Ryan Miller have to go.  Preferably this summer before the clock starts ticking on the final year of their contracts.

Buying Time

Change.  We inevitably want it when we don't get the result we want from one of our teams.  The Bills have made plenty of changes over this 13 season playoff drought.

Worst Play Ever? Alex Ovechkin's Backcheck

Mike Schopp and the Bulldog are just recovering from watching this play from the Rangers/ Capitals playoff game Wednesday night.

Suffering Through Lowered Expectations

I want to get something out of the way right away. Suffering? Really?  I know how it sounds in the building and certainly on the radio, but we are not suffering nor will we be if our hockey team is even worse than they've been recently.

The Bills Make Me Wanna...

Smile?  Well it is a start at least.  This is why you draft a quarterback.  Even better, this is why you draft a quarterback early.  It gives your fans hope and hope, if you let it, can make you smile.
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