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JW: All-22

JW: All-22 Review: Bills/Titans

We've learned that Tyrod Taylor is unlikely to play this week against the Bengals.  Taylor made some great plays last week, but the passing game was limited, to say the least.  In this week's  All-22 review we'll see a big part of the field ignored by the offense, and the latest masterpiece from the defensive line.

JW: All-22 Review - Bills/Giants

Sunday's disappointing loss to the Giant was a parade of penalties and missed opportunities.  The Giants were able to capitalize on a few mistakes from the Bills, while Greg Roman's offense simply wasn't firing on all cylinders.  The All-22 is here to tweak Tyrod, and give fist-pounds to Stephon Gilmore and Ronald Darby.  

JW: Racket-ology - The Sabres Goal Song Vote

The Buffalo Sabres have launched a fan-driven goal song bracket.  There are eight nominees and the team is asking all of us to help decide the anthem to be played when the team lights the lamp.  Jeremy White takes a look at the Racket Bracket.  (Get it?  Racket?)


JW: All-22 Review - Bills/Colts

Rex Ryan's debut as Bills Head Coach went about as well as anyone might have expected.  During his time with the Jets the defense was often referred to as "organized chaos".  Check Jeremy White's All-22, as the name fits the Bills.

For anyone that's new to these All-22 reviews I'll start with a few disclaimers to open the season.

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JW: Revisiting Bylsma - One Year Later

The Sabres are now in the market for a coach and Dan Bylsma might be the choice.  What could be different for Bylsma this time around?  In comparing the Penguins and Sabres models last year, Jeremy White gives you a look....

JW: Mission Accomplished

It's over.

JW - Seven Days in Spring

A Thursday night hockey game between the Sabres and Coyotes feels like a game that could change the fate of a franchise.  It could be more than that though.  Jeremy White looks into how the next four games could swing the fates of these two teams, and the NHL itself.

JW: Roster Building

The Sabres sit in 30th place, 26 games away from selecting one of the most highly touted players in franchise history.  It’s not the last piece of the puzzle, and it’s by no means the first. General Manager Tim Murray showed a bit of his plan last week, and the rest should come together quickly.

JW: Party Crashers

Well, well, well...what do we have here?  Is that a crowd of the Stanley Cup Pretenders knocking on our door, trying to get into our basement party?  Chatter around the NHL seems to indicate that several teams are ready to power down on Mission McDavid.  What do you say we all get to know each other?

JW: Scouting for the Sabres

Happy hockey season!  Yes that’s right…even though the Sabres season doesn’t feel like anything more than a march to a high pick, there are other games that you might be interested in seeing.  Last season I spent some time on the road with trips to Erie and St Catherine’s, and enjoyed it very much.  Grab a windbreaker, and let's roll!

JW: All-22 Review - Playmaker Wanted

The Bills loss in Denver was the latest to highlight the fact that the Bills are lacking an elite play maker at quarterback.  From the 3rd-and-1 slide, to deep shots that they don't take, the Bills offense is crying out for a quarterback that will step up and make a play.  Check this week's All-22 to see what's missing, and also to debunk the NFL conspiracy theorists.

JW: All-22 - Bucking the Broncos

Peyton Manning's Denver Broncos have three losses this season.   Two of those losses have come to Super Bowl winning quarterbacks in Tom Brady and Russell Wilson.  The other was in St. Louis as the Rams found a way to hold the high-powered Broncos to a season-low seven points.  Can the Bills execute the same game plan that St. Louis did? 
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