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Schopp and The Bulldog.

Sports talk should be entertaining and informative which is why Mike Schopp and the Bulldog control the WGR 550 airwaves every weekday from 3 to 7 pm.

Chris 'The Bulldog' Parker bleeds Buffalo and is as passionate about the Sabres and Bills as any listener to our radio station. Mike Schopp not only keeps the callers in line and dishes out his own opinions on the Buffalo sports scene, creates on-air fantasy drafts of anything from U.S. Presidents to sports announcers and is the station’s sports trivia expert.

Resident Bills beat reporter Joe Buscaglia and Sabres beat reporter Paul Hamilton appear daily and cover Buffalo's teams like nobody else!

Weekly guests include ESPN's John Clayton Thursdays at 5pm during football season, Rob Ray on weeknight Sabres game days at 4 and Sabres General Manager Tim Murray at 5:30 when the Sabres play at home on Fridays.

Also, make sure you check WGR550.com for Bulldog’s column every Tuesday and Mike Schopp’s commentary every Thursday.

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Additional Show Highlights

Earth Sports Fortress of Pantheon

Mike Schopp and the Bulldog once again held an open forum for their 'Earth Sports Fortress of Pantheon' on Tuesday. The idea behind the creation was to gather the very best in sport for one Ultimate Hall of Fame. This way, Babe Ruth wouldn't be on the same level as Bruce Sutter. The ESF of P makes sure that Wayne Gretzky does not reside in the same building as Joe Mullen.

Sabres' keyword: Optimism

I've been getting some interesting e-mails lately. Not many people send me e-mail anymore -- well, other than those who send me e-mail almost every day, like my wife, Nigerian princes and someone named Jason Korczak. But in the last few days, as the Sabres' season ends and perhaps a first overall pick awaits, certain fans are checking in and they are ... want to guess? ...

Winning is everything, except when it's a lie

Ready for some baseball trivia to mark another new season? Let’s go back to the famous Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. Many baseball fans remember details from that game vividly, especially Mets and Red Sox fans of course.


From easy to hard, five questions with the answers right below:


Who made the error that allowed the Mets to score the winning

Why should Jairus Byrd stay?

It probably ends today, Jairus Byrd’s career with the Buffalo Bills. In five years Byrd accomplished enough to be considered, at least in some circles, the best free agent on this season’s market. He did it without the attention given to a .500 team, let alone a winner, let alone a playoff team, let alone a Super Bowl champion. Five years, five losers.


Byrd played for

Five fun trade ideas


Once everyone sees how amazing they are, it's just a matter of time before you get that bzzzzzz from 550550 telling you that they are real. That's my hope anyway. For at least one of these games.

Disclaimer: I don't know very much about the young players on these other teams. I chose them based on their profile without any first-hand

Will the NHL go to Korea? Let's hope so

I think there's a typo in this USA TODAY article I'm reading about whether NHL players will participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics, in Korea. Here's the Gary Bettman quote where I think there's an error, see if you catch it too:

"We have made it very clear that the decision that has to be made is a balancing act," Bettman said. "It's not all good. It's

Deconstructing the quarterback's job

Everybody has been talking about Peyton Manning's career for weeks, and the cacophony is deafening. It's only a murmur when Manning does well -- read, wins -- but then when he loses, especially as one-sidedly as in Sunday's Super Bowl XLVIII, it's loud enough to peel paint.

Now, as before, Manning is looked at by many as a loser, his 1-2 record in Super Bowls damning a career

Dealing Miller the easy part of Sabres' rebuild

We get closer every day, closer to Deadline Day in a Sabres season that was lost as soon as it started. Buffalo began 0-7, 1-10, 2-14, removing any intrigue about the playoffs in a sport where most teams make it and almost all contend for a berth.

Granted, we're still two calendar flips away -- January to February, February to March -- but February is the shortest month. (I use this

For QBs, how good is good enough?

Was it a good season or not for the Cincinnati Bengals? A team whose reputation is not that of winning, at 11-5 the Bengals won the AFC North, toppling the defending Super Bowl champions to do so, and went to the playoffs for the third straight season.

Sunday they lost their playoff opener to San Diego, 27-10. A team with a lot of talent and Super Bowl aspirations went out in the first round,
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