"2011 NHL Trading Deadline"
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NHL Trade Deadline News
Phoenix Coyotes v Toronto Maple Leafs

Phaneuf traded to Senators

The Leafs and Senators pull off a blockbuster trade that includes defenseman, Dion Phaneuf. Read more here:

Murray getting ready for NHL Trade Deadline

February 29 is the NHL Trade Deadline, and Sabres GM Tim Murray is getting ready for the big day around the NHL. Read more here:

NHL Friday round-up

Some news and notes from the National Hockey League on Friday. Read more here:

NHL's All-Star mess with John Scott

John Scott was supposed to be going to the All-Star Game in less than two weeks, but the NHL did not want Scott to participate. Read more here:

Sabres aggressively pursuing Kane

Bob McKenzie believes the Buffalo Sabres are the most aggressive team to pursue Evander Kane before the trade deadline
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