Gamenight: 4-0 Panthers in second

First period goals by Reilly Smith, Brian Campbell, and Jussi Jokinen have given the Florida Panthers a 3-0 lead over the Sabres. Check back throughout the game for updates, and head inside for Pat Malacaro's live-game blog.


Bills shouldn't follow the "Denver model"

Defense wins championships.  Its been a popular phrase amongst Bills fans since Sunday night. 

Sabres try to get back to winning

The Sabres host the Eastern Conference’s second best team in Florida.

Key contract payment dates approaching for Bills

See what dates to be aware of for bonuses and guarantees.
Michael Miller
Goodbye Dion Phaneuf, hello massive cap space!

Like Sabres did, Leafs making wily chess moves

Hockey games can be interesting. They were more interesting years ago but you still get the occasional wild one, a back-and-forth tussle with a scrap or two mixed in.

The playoffs are fun too but that's usually just on TV.

Regular seasons are so lengthy that too often you have matchups of weary opponents comprised of players just trying to stay afloat.

And top teams focused on the
Does Denver's win change the way you think about winning in the NFL?
  Yes. You don't need a franchise QB. Just build a dominant defense
  No. Denver caught lightning in a bottle. A franchise QB is a must.
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