For half the AFC it's 'just get in'

The Bills' season is almost half over and even though a massive contract was agreed to in the summer, discussing Tyrod Taylor's value and worth to the team is ramping up as a talk-show topic.

It's no surprise that it would -- asking where your quarterback ranks is always one of football fans' favorite questions -- except for the feeling of finality that Taylor and the Bills

Sabres Give Away Lead, Fall 4-3 in OT

Up 3-0 entering the 3rd period, the Sabres gave up three straight power play goals to the Flyers. Claude Giroux and Jakub Voracek both scored in the shootout for the 4-3 Philadelphia win.

Hamilton: Sabres-Flyers Postgame Report

Paul Hamilton, live from Philadelphia, joined Brian Koziol on the postgame show to break down the Sabres' 4-3 shootout collapse against the Flyers.
Roster Moves

Bills make six roster moves

The Bills made six roster moves on Tuesday before they gear up for the Patriots on Sunday. Read more here:

Sabres' Nilsson hopes to have nerves.

Thanks to Robin Lehner being sick, Anders Nilsson will get his first start as a Sabre.