Sabres lose

Sabres lose and are eliminated from winning in Traverse City

The Sabres had won the first seven games they played in Traverse City, but starting with last year’s final against Detroit, the Sabres have lost three in a row.
Game two

Sabres in a must win against the Rangers

After losing their first game to Carolina, the Sabres must pretty much run the table if they wants their second Traverse City Prospects Tournament championship in three years.
Traverse City

Sabres lose to Carolina

Considering all the first and second round picks the Sabres threw at Carolina on Friday, it’s rather shocking they lost 6-1 in game one of the Traverse City Prospects tournament.

Cornel is ready as the Sabres start in Traverse City

When folks think of the Sabres 2014 second round pick, many think of Brendan Lemieux because he’s the son of former NHL pest Claude Lemieux. It seems like Eric Cornel gets lost.

Sabres open training camp on the 18th

The Sabres will report to training camp on September 18th and start skating on the 19th.