Nightcap with Ryan Gates

Weekdays 7-9p

Ryan Gates is a local grown guy that is part of the next generation of Buffalo sports fandom. His earliest memories of his favorite teams, the Bills and Sabres of course, are big disappointments with No Goal and the Music City Miracle. However he continues to persevere along with his favorite teams hoping one day for the joys of playoff games, and maybe even a championship.

He hosts The NightCap in the evenings, 7-9pm, where he will bring you the best interviews and bits that WGR has to offer throughout the day along with his own opinion on pressing issues in Buffalo sports. He brings on other personalities including Nate Geary, and Brian Mazurowski to explore unique perspectives on the hottest stories throughout the sports, and entertainment world.

With a laid-back attitude and open mind, The NightCap with Ryan Gates is a great way to wind down at the end of your day!