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Sabres and the NHL start free agency

With the draft and buyouts done, now Tim Murray gets to concentrate on free agency.

Sabres Murray said he had no choice with Ehrhoff

Tim Murray covered a lot of topics Monday morning at the arena including the buyout of Christian Ehrhoff.

Sabres GM was in no lose situation

Tim Murray was in a "no lose" situation as far as I was concerned.  There was almost nothing he could have done during round one of the NHL draft that would have annoyed me.  

Sabres working on compliance buyout of Ehrhoff

The Sabres have started the process of using their final compliance buyout on Christian Ehrhoff.

Reinhart should be a good Sabre

The Sabres never had to decide on the defenseman because Florida kept its pick and took Aaron Ekblad number one.

Sabres Murray is ready to go and ready to trade

Tim Murray is tired of waiting and wants to start drafting and trading players.

Recent history says the Sabres should do OK at #2

Some people were so upset when the Sabres lost the Draft Lottery to Florida going down from first overall pick to second, but what can we expect?
If report of Toronto bid being maxed out at $1.2 billion is true, what would you think?
  Toronto is dead. The Buffalo Bills are here to stay!!!!
  I'd still be guarded. What if a bidder comes out of nowhere?
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