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Report: Kelly, Bon Jovi Talk Bills Bid

Citing multiple sources, Tim Graham of The Buffalo News reports Jim Kelly and Jon Bon Jovi have talked about teaming up in an ownership bid for the Buffalo Bills.

Graham's story, appearing on The Buffalo News' website Saturday evening, says multiple sources informed him that Bon Jovi and the Toronto group reached out to Kelly, and that the quarterback has, "at least considered the possibility."

On the heels of Graham's story, WGRZ's Adam Benigni noted that Kelly has also had discussions with Tom Golisano regarding his pursuit of the Bills.

Later in the evening, Jill Kelly took to Twitter, refuting The Buffalo News' report.

08/16/2014 6:38PM
Report: Kelly, Bon Jovi Talk Bills Bid
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08/16/2014 6:40PM
Say it is not so! That would be horrible!!!
08/16/2014 6:41PM
tim graham resign
Bye Timmy all credibility is gone.....
08/16/2014 6:46PM
Hey Tim, do you have any proof?
08/16/2014 7:09PM
NO................Kelly does have all Jovi's albums. NO THANX!
08/16/2014 7:50PM
Re: Bon Jovi Jive Turkey
LOL, Give it up Bon Jovi. Your desparation is not the least bit appealing to anyone, least of all Bills fans in Buffalo or SE Ontario. You're Livin on a prayer dude.
08/16/2014 8:52PM
No Way!
Jim would never team up with people determined to move the Bills. It's ridiculous!
08/16/2014 9:42PM
08/16/2014 9:44PM
I would love this owner/partnership! The Buffalo Bills need a couple guys with passion like JK/JBJ - not a guy with a pocket full-o-money like pegula...
08/16/2014 10:17PM
anybody but jim.....he may not have wanted to come here originally but today it is HOME and he would talk with the Toronto cheaters. thanks jim and jill
08/16/2014 10:42PM
Tim Graham needs to be stopped....
What does this guy ever report on that's correct?
08/16/2014 11:22PM
All the best to Kelly, but I am getting tired of hearing about him every day!
There is life, and the Bills do exist WITHOUT Saint Jim!
08/16/2014 11:28PM
Who to trust?
Jim Kelly's wife, or a reporter for a newspaper that's not even worthy to line a birdcage with? Tough decision, but I'm going with Kelly's wife.
08/17/2014 8:20AM
Sources tell me that Tim Graham is a useless reporter with zero credibility - This report has just confirmed this.
08/17/2014 10:30AM
the puppet
We all know when it comes to bs in this town,it starts with the puppet, tim graham and the buffalo news. Believe what you want,Jim Kelly is not going to let this team leave this country.
08/17/2014 10:39AM
Patience people!
A lie can travel around the world twice before the truth get it's boots on!
08/17/2014 11:28AM
Connecting the Dots....
...is a game writers like Graham play when they have nothing concrete to say. Bon Jovi needs credibility in his bid to buy the team, JK is having difficulty aligning with a prospective bidder who would grant him the control he seeks, Bon Jovi asks JK ifhe would consider joining his group, and Presto! Graham has a story to cobble together. "Deal With The Devil! Kelly sells us out!" Speculative fiction should be labelled as such, Mr Graham.
08/17/2014 11:32AM
Spaghetti Journalism...
...Throw a pile of opinions, "unnamed sources" and facts taken out of context at a wall, and hope that some of it sticks. Typical for the Buffalo News.
08/17/2014 12:03PM
Tim is a hack
Tim - you write for the Buffalo News - not the Enquirer...
08/17/2014 12:54PM
That's an insult and fighting words.
Come on buffalo fans you know dam well this is not true. You want to know the reason why it is not true. You have really heard nothing from kelly wife about our team untill this mess. That women was praying that her husband dosen't with that cancer. She loves the bills just like we do. Than she hear that mess about her husband and jovi. And the whole kellys house turn red for lol. I mean that have to be a picture to see. For a woman who got pretty blue eyes to turn red. Oh my god tim you better watch your back because you are about to get a ear full. Like idoit article you just wrote nothing but trash. You should be ashame of yourself.
08/17/2014 4:56PM
Why did this article run front page in the News when Jill Kelly said this is absolutely false? What hacks are running the paper? Graham has no credibility.
08/17/2014 8:19PM
I have complete trust that Jim Kelly and his family will do all they can for the Bills to remain and thrive in Buffalo and Western NY.
08/17/2014 9:18PM
who to trust
Mrs. Wilson is the one to ask, not jk.
08/18/2014 9:20AM
Tim Graham is reporting garbage again
This is not the first time Graham made up stories so that he has something to write about. I believe in Jim. He will never do such a thing.
08/18/2014 3:10PM
They exist but they don't win.
@ All the best to Kelly, but I am getting tired of hearing about him every day! They exist but that is about it. Forget about winning. #12 was the last QB to win a playoff game for the Bills.
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