Beane hiring no surprise

Bills go with a first-time general manager along with a first-time head coach

Howard Simon
May 10, 2017 - 10:32 am

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The identity of the Bills new general manager comes as no surprise. The hiring of Brandon Beane was about as predictable as my predictions being wrong. 

Back in January, when Sean McDermott was hired as the Bills head coach, Beane's name came up as a possible or even probable addition to the Bills front office. 

At the time, the writing was on the wall as far as the future of Doug Whaley who had seen some of his power shifted over to the new coach. If you're McDermott, who just accepted his first NFL head coaching job, you'd want someone you're familiar with to work alongside.

I do think the coach-GM relationship was a factor in this hire by Terry and Kim Pegula. I don't think they hired Beane because he is buddies with McDermott. But after seeing Whaley clash with then head coach Doug Marrone and again with his successor, Rex Ryan, I feel the Pegulas wanted to have the two leaders of their football organization aligned.

It appears the Pegulas were impressed by the number of roles Beane held over his 19 years in the Carolina Panthers organization. He started out as a public relations intern at the Panthers 1998 training camp and worked his way up the ladder, getting involved in every aspect of the football and business sides.

It appears he also has a number of the personality traits that attracted McDermott to the Pegulas. We had former Panthers GM Marty Hurney on our show this morning and he talked about how competitive and passionate Beane was at whatever job that was assigned to him. Hurney pointed out that Beane communicated very well with the coaching staff.  Internal communication or lack thereof had ben an issue with the Bills and for the Pegulas NHL team too.

I think its interesting the Bills have gone with a pair of "young" guys to guide their franchise. Beane is 40 years old and McDermott is 42. I guess young is relative but I'm 54 so young applies as far as I'm concerned. They've also gone with two newbies as far as their position goes since McDermott is a first time head coach and Beane is a first time general manager.

Is Beane a good hire? Will he and McDermott work out? I have no idea and anybody who says they know is just guessing. The success or failure of both will more than likely hinge on their ability to find a top level quarterback. No one in the Bills football operations has been able to do that since Bill Polian.

In case you missed the interview the Hurney, you can listen to it below:

05-10 Former Panthers GM Marty Hurney with Howard and Jeremy on Brandon Beane.mp3

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